Schengen (short-term “C” visas) visa applications may only be submitted in with the cases/purposes listed below:​​

  1. fulfillment of an obligation of education or examination on the basis of a student or pupil status, if this is certified by a certificate issued by the educational institution;
  2. participation in family events (marriage, christening, funeral);
  3. caring for a relative;
  4. participation in a procedural act related to court or official proceedings in Hungary, certified by a document issued by a Hungarian court or authority;
  5. business activities or other work related activities for which the justification is certified by a letter of invitation from a central government administrative body, an independent regulatory body or an autonomous public administration body;
  6. access to health care with a referral from a health care institution or other appropriate certificate;
  7. arrival at the point of departure of the transport task (place of commencement of work) or return in passenger traffic after such work, if this is certified by a certificate issued by the employer;
  8. participation in a major sports, cultural or church event of international significance;
  9. applications submitted by carriers for the purpose of transport by freight vehicle (so-called driver visas) if the applicant holds a visa valid for a longer period (at least one year) issued by Hungary with multiple entries, which would expire in the near future (and was used properly), or it has expired within a maximum of two months and its use has been regular - it should be emphasized in particular that carrier applications where a Schengen visa has not yet been issued or the applicant has a visa history issued by another Member State cannot be accepted, even exceptionally;
  10. entries in the important national economic interest, including visa applications of personnel required for the assembly, operation and maintenance of economic infrastructure, machines and assembly lines in Hungary;
  11. entries related to crisis management tasks, response to health emergencies and provision of essential services (including medical and healthcare professionals or researchers);
  12. applications for entry for transit purposes (visa-required third-country nationals wishing to return home through Hungary);
  13. applications submitted by a family member of an EEA citizen;
  14. requests for individual entries for a specific reason (death, family illness, other force majeure), which in all cases require the prior approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Other than the visa, there is an additional requirement to enter Hungary in case of short-term stays: permit from the competent – in case of arriving to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport it is the BRFK XVIII. district Police Office – Police Office, which you may procure online, using the Ügyfélkapu service.