Bilateral Economic Cooperation

Cambodia ranked 154. among the top trading partners for Hungary in 2016 with a share of 0,0005 % in her overal trade volume.

In terms of exports Cambodia took the 169. place, while in terms of imports the 100. place with a share of 0,0004, and 0,0007 % respectively.

Total trade beteween Hungary and Cambodia reached 1,05 M USD in 2016. Hungarian exports amounted to 0,41 M USD, while imports were 0,64 M USD. The main commodities in Hungarian exports were machineries used in textile and printing industry, textile raw materials and transport vehicles, while the main commodities in imports of Hungary were rice, bicycles, garments and accessories. The balance of trade showed 0,23 USD surplus in favour of Cambodia.

According to the latest statistics, Hungarian exports amounted to 0,3 M USD while imports amounted to 0,2 M USD in the first two months of 2017. Total trade during that period reached 0,5 M USD. The main Hungarian export items were non-non alcoholic beverages and medical devices, while the main import commodities were garments.

The Hungarian National Trading House (HNTH) established its presence in Cambodia in 2015 in order to utilize the business opportunities offered by the fast growing Cambodian economy.

Promising areas in promoting bilateral economic and trade relations are:

  • food products
  • health care equipment and devices, medical aids
  • machineries
  • transfer of agricultural, environmental technologies
  • water-management and waste-management
  • ICT