Scholarship payment for online or in-person training

Based on the latest information received from Tempus Foundation on 16 November 2020, and also on the latest provisions of the Hungarian Government, we kindly inform all the beneficiaries of the Stipendium Hungaricum program 2020/2021, that according to the latter decision – made in order to control the ongoing epidemic situation – from 11 November 2020, all higher education institutions had switched to online learning, while – until further measures – in-person studies have been suspended.

It remains unchanged, that as long as the awardees have entered the country prior to enrolment and the start of the academic year, entitlement for the awarded scholarship starts on the date of entry to Hungary.

In case the awardees have already started their autumn semester online in the country of origin, they are entitled for the scholarship after entering the territory of Hungary, regardless the fact, that the host institution may only provide – temporarily – online studying opportunity. It must be emphasized that a written statement is needed from the awardee that they wish to enter Hungary with considering the current situation: they may only start or continue their studies online after travelling to HungaryIf the student applied to be accommodated in a dorm, then the prerequisite of entering Hungary is a written statement from the host institution containing the proof that the dorm is still able to receive the awardee. In absence of the mentioned documentation the awardees have to provide a valid certificate of their outside-the-dormitory accommodation with the proof of financial coverage for it in case their scholarship cannot or only partly can cover the inherent expenses.

Entry to Hungary and joining the studies is subject to prior written approval of the higher education institution (in letter or e-mail, dated 11 November 2020 or later) in which this latter offers joining for the awardee and verify the availability of accommodation for the awardee. Such declaration shall be submitted to the Consular Office of the foreign representation of Hungary in charge ex post, even if the D-visa and/or its supporting consular certification have already been handed over. Where such handover procedure has not been took place yet: please be noted that the D-visa and/or its supporting consular certification are going to be handed over only to the awardee who provided the aforementioned document(s) from the host institution.

If the awardees have already travelled to Hungary with the purpose of joining their education program in person, and, due to restrictive measures introduced because of the epidemic situation to date, the host institution shifts to online education method, such measures do not affect granting the scholarship. In such a case, the students are entitled for their scholarship until student status expires or until they leave the territory of Hungary.

Entry rules for awardees

Additionally, we kindly inform you that awardees who have already applied for postponement of their scholarship at the Tempus Foundation, if their applications have been approved, are not entitled to enter Hungary prior to the end date of postponement.

Last but not least, right upon entry to Hungary, the foreigners will still be subject to medical health check as well as a generally applied mandatory quarantine of 10 days. The mandatory quarantine of 10 days shall be spent, as a main rule, at the appointed place of residence (e.g. dormitory or private accommodation) according to the instruction of the territorially competent epidemic authority. Upon request, the territorially competent epidemic authority may authorize that the person under quarantine be taken part in SARS-CoV-2 testing, and, in case of two negative results produced within 5 days and with at least 48 hours time difference, it will grant exemption from the remaining period of quarantine. Students in possession of valid residence permits or D-visas do not have to apply for a prior police admittance permit. In order to help with travelling to Hungary the foreign representation of Hungary in charge will issue a supporting letter for each students concerned automatically – as detailed above.