Diplomatic relations

A brief history of relationships

Our bilateral relationship was characterized by unilateral Hungarian assistance during the 1980’s. The leaders of Cambodia still appreciate the Hungarian support provided in the past, including our involvement in the assistance the United Nations led during the early 1990’s, in which Hungary participated in the peace-building missions with around 130 police and administrative contingents. Until 1991, Hungary provided several other projects to facilitate the Cambodian reconstruction and reconciliation process. Among these were the operation of the Bantay Dek seed breeding farm and the construction of a residential vocational secondary school in Kompong Cham.

During the next decades, the intensity of connections was reduced and limited to sporadic contacts. Cambodia's ASEAN and ASEM membership, its active foreign policy and growing economy provide good opportunities for a new phase in our relations. The milestone of this was the visit of H.E. Mr. Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Resources to Phnom Penh in March 2013, during which a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of the Kingdom of Cambodia was signed.

Our bilateral trade is modest, limited to small business deals. In 2008, a feasibility study was carried out on the establishment of fish farm manufacturing facilities under the joint project of the Vietnamese Aquaculture Research Institute (RIA-2) and the Research Institute for Fisheries and Irrigation. In order to develop bilateral relations, the Hungarian Trading House opened an office in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in January 2016.

One of the most important projects of our humanitarian aid to Cambodia during the reconstruction period was the Orphanage completed in 1984. The establishment - reflecting the necessity of French and Cambodian contributions - bears the name of the Khmer-French-Hungarian Orphanage today. In 2000, vitamin C products were donated to the needy through the Cambodian National Assembly. Cambodia is our international development partner, and Hungary has systematically supported this institution through our “NEFE” policy from 2002 until 2010. In 2005, among others, renovation of one of the residential buildings was completed. In 2007, we implemented a 18-month poverty reduction program called "Work to the Orphans of Angkor" in Canadian-Hungarian co-financing. A tailor-made, informatics, tourism, English language and management organization module aimed at improving the chances of working for young people in Cambodia has provided fifty orphaned and highly disadvantaged 16-17 year olds. In 2008, the Vice-Speaker of the Parliament visited the orphanage, giving tangible and monetary donations.

According to our development cooperation in the context of bilateral debt restructuring, a call for proposal was announced to establish a Centre for the Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Disadvantaged Children and Women in the current building of the orphanage. The tender was won by the Hungarian Interchurch Aid Organization and the Centre was inaugurated in spring of 2015.

High level visits

2016: H.E. Mr. Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade to Cambodia

2015: H.E. Mr. László Kövér, Speaker of the National Assembly to Cambodia

2013: H.E. Mr. Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Resources of Hungary to Cambodia

2013: H.E. Mr. Sok An, Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia to Hungary

2012: H.E. Mr. János Hóvári, Deputy State Secretary to Cambodia

2009: H.E. Mr. Ngoun Nhel, First Deputy of the Cambodian National Assembly to Hungary

2009: H.E. Mr. Ábel Garamhegyi, Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of National Development and Economy to Cambodia

2008: H.E. Mr. László Mandur, Vice Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary to Cambodia

2005: H.E. Mr. Hor Nam Hong, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs to Hungary 2000: H.E. Mme Katalin Szili, Vice Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary to Cambodia


  • Visa waiver agreement for service and diplomatic passports (1981)
  • Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Hungary and the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia on the Consolidation and Arrangement of Cambodia's Debt on Hungary (2009)

Agreement on Development Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Hungary and the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia