Apart from the general documents, applicants for TOURISM need to submit the following documents

  1. Proof of financial means
  1. If the applicant is employed:

a, Original bank account statements proving your income in the last three months

b, The last three salary slips

c, Recent employer statement or recent contract

d, Approval for holidays

B,  If the applicant is a company owner or self-employed:

a, Certificate of registration of the company

b, Statement of taxes payment

C,  If the applicant is retired:

Pension statements

Additionally, it is possible to proof your financial situation by credit card, property, savings account

  1. If your trip is booked through a travel agent, a letter from that travel agent taking responsibility for all financial obligations and return of the travellers. Any proof of written communication between applicant and travel agent is helpful.
  2. A detailed itinerary showing the exact travel route and period of stay in each Schengen country
  3. Proof of lodging: confirmed hotel reservations for the whole period of stay in Schengen area
  4. Copy of household registration record (*)
  5. Copy of Marriage Certificate or Divorce Certificate (if applicable) (*)
  6. If the applicant is a minor:
  • Travelling with one parent only, written consent of the other parent or guardian. In cases where the one accompanying parent has proven sole custody, this is not necessary (*)
  • Travelling without parent, written consent of the parents having custody of the applicant (*)
  • Birth certificate of the applicant (*)
  • Copies of the ID cards of the parents (*)
  • School certificate, school year academic record.

On picking up the passport and visa at the Embassy, a paid return ticket must be presented.

(*) Official documents marked with (*) must be recent (maximum 3 months old) and legalised by the competent local authority and translated (translation legalised) into English

Besides the abovementioned documents, you may be asked to provide further details